My first journalism job was as a sportswriter in Minot, North Dakota, in an era when the field was dominated by men. Over my decades-long career, I held a variety of writing and editing positions at newspapers in major markets such as Atlanta, Dallas and Detroit.

My global travels have taken me from the top of Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge to the tunnels of the iron ore mines in Kiruna, Sweden, to the open-air museum of moai and ahu on Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui), and to Bletchley Park in England, where the brilliant code-breakers solved the mysteries of the German Enigma machine and were credited with shortening World War II by several years. And far, far more adventures along the way.

I’ve written newspaper and magazine articles about such diverse topics as participating in Tokyo’s Sanja Matsuri to visiting a Sami reindeer farm in Inari, Finland, to seeking out the little-known John F. Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede, England, where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. (See my blog for posts about many of these topics.)

I’m now a freelance writer, editor and blogger. I’m also trying to engage a literary agent to sell my manuscript, “Fondly with All My Affection: A World War II Love Story,” based in part on hundreds of letters two New Jersey teenagers — who later became my parents — wrote to each other in 1944-45. The image above is an example of one of the letters.